September Rebellion: Museumplein day 2

On the Museumplein we have an inspiring program for young and old! With music and trainings, games and serious speeches, art and regenerative activities, we show what Extinction Rebellion stands for. Whether you’re new, come and learn about our movement, if you’re already a seasoned rebel, come as well and deepen your knowledge!

10.00-11.00 am ‘Embodied Mindfulness’ | EN | Lara Egbring and Flo Scialom
We will use mindfulness practice as a tool for building inner resilience and connection in times of striving for social and environmental justice. We will take you on a journey through movement and meditation practices.

10.00-11.00 Making decisions for the whole. Using holistic decison making | EN | Brydon
In this workshop, participants will articulate a vision for themselves, and begin to create a framework for to make decisions that are socially, environmentally, and economically sound in the short, medium and long term.

10.00 – 11.30 DNA training. | EN | Integration Circle
This training is the perfect opportunity to refresh and deepen your knowledge on our demands, principles and values and the way we’re organized or get to know the movement in a new way.

10.00 -11.30 Nederlandse landbouw, klimaat & de Rabobank | NL / EN | XR Landbouw
XR Landbouw will explain the situation of Dutch agriculture, in relation to the climate and ecological crisis. And, what the Rabobank has to do with this. Afterwards we’ll work on an action in a brainstorm.

11:00 – 13.00 ‘Climate change – Making the invisible problem visible to everyone’ | EN | Suriya S. K.

These experiments make the invisible visible, so that everyone, with or without scientific knowledge, can understand climate change in an intuitive way. A new perspective that can help you explain and start conversations that can foster change!

Saturday 10.00, 15.00, Sunday 15.30 Wellbeing training | NL/EN | Wellbeing & Regen Cirkel
his training that will prepare you to fulfill one of the different wellbeing roles during actions like stewards, arrestee support and organizing a debrief.

11.00-13.00 A primer on permaculture” | EN | Brydon
Permaculture is a hot topic in the sustainability movement at the moment, but what is permaculture? This talk will introduce the worldview, ethics, and principles that are fundamental to thinking like a permaculturalist .

11.30-13.00 Money workshop | EN
A workshop to explore our own and societies relationship with money. Through reflective, interactive and active excirsises

12.00 – 13.30 Story telling – EN | Storyteller: YuShowYuShow
Will take you away with beautiful embodied stories for all ages. The power of stories is that they can make you experience things in many different ways. Are you up for embarking on a journey with YuShow?

12.30-14.00 – ‘Gesprek OpStand: een paneldiscussie over eerlijk klimaatbeleid‘ | NL
In het GesprekOpStand zal worden onderzocht hoe we een Burgerberaad voor het Klimaat hoog op de politieke agenda kunnen krijgen. Onder leiding van Anna Salden (UvA) discussiëren onder andere schrijfser Eva Rovers, voorzitter van de Klimaattafel Elektriciteit Kees Vendrik, G1000 medewerker Mirjam de Pagter, initiatiefnemer van BoerBurgerDialoog Ellen Maassen en Extinction Rebellion Rebel Floris Bernard.

13.30-15.00 Action Debrief | EN/NL |
Time to come together after the action on Friday and to reflect.

14.00 Guerilla gardening | NL/EN | XR Landbouw
Together with activists, creatives, and other weeds, we garden the Amsterdam streets to make the city a bit greener. Let us plant, seed and build, and after that toast to a greener world on our Museumplein basis.

XR Families Activities:

  • Letters blockprinten voor de ‘Levende Slogans’ | Block Printed Letter Making For ‘Living Slogans’ (ongoing) Come and block print the XR typeface on cardboard and decorate the letters with paint. And dream up messages that you want to deliver as the citizens of the future.
  • Rebel Animals & other crafts (ongoing) Help mee het XR-logo te veranderen in een dier, / Help turn the XR logo into an animal.

Morning | Rebel Storytelling
Beautiful stories from Milda Varnuskaite (EN) and Soula Notos (NL). Come grab a seat with open ears and hear both languages across the hour.

Lunch | Clean Up Picnicking
We are marking World Clean Up Day, 19 Sept, with a lunch picnic together around the local area of the manifestation.

13.00-13.30 Groen Goud: Landschapsherstel wereldwijd | NL
Wat kan jij doen aan biodiversitetisherstel in de stad en op het Nederlandse platteland? In deze workshop maak je kennis met verschillende manieren waarop wereldwijd landschappen worden hersteld. Van woestijnen naar bloeiende oases: het is mogelijk!

13.00 – 14.00 Civil discobedience practice | Action & Logistcs Circle XR Utrecht
Get ready for Civil Discobedience, that speaks for itself. A practice-run, so that you’ll shine even more during the action at 15.00 h. With the Actions & Logistics circle Utrecht.

Because of Corona we have to close the Manifestation after 14.00. We keep you updated via Facebook about if the activities after 14.00 will be cancelled, take place online or take place in small groups outside of the Museumplein. Sorry for the inconvenience.

16.00 – 18.00: Sharing circle | English or Dutch depending on participants | Irene Jacoba Hadjidakis
The climate, ecological, economic, health crises evoke overwhelming emotions, fear and agitation, that are often new for many people. Grief and letting go is essential to build regenerative cutures.

Around lunchtime you can get a fully vegan meal on the museum square. For only 2.50 you can eat as much as you need. If you donate more the money will be divided between XR and De Sering.

17.00 – 19.00 Non-violent communication workshop | EN | Wellbeing & Regen cirkle
During every action, XR strives to practice the principles of non-violent communication: Deescalating rather than escalating, listening rather than shouting. Join this workshop to learn about the principles of NVC and practice dealing with potential conflict situations in a safe environment!

18.30-20.00 Pitches & performances | NL | Collaboration Cirkel
Verschillende bewegingen vertellen afgewisseld met muziek kort wie ze zijn, waar ze op dit moment mee bezig zijn en hoe je kunt bijdragen.


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