Black Friday Rebellion Amsterdam!

πŸ†˜Stop overconsumption. End Black Friday!
Why does Black Friday have to stop?
Friday the 27th of November is a black day for the planet. While the climate and ecological crises are still worsening, we are putting nature and ourselves on sale. Extinction Rebellion protests. Stop Black Friday! The mass production of consumer goods and clothing causes extra CO2 emissions, high water consumption in cotton cultivation, and the exploitation of factory workers in low-wage countries: modern slavery. The impact of the fashion industry is huge and unnecessary.
If we stop producing clothes now, we will have enough for twenty years.
πŸ“’Together with XR NL Fashion Action, local groups of Extinction Rebellion organize on Black Friday, in a week’s time, actions in Almere, Amsterdam, Castricum, Enschede, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Wageningen with the most important requirement: End Black Friday.
In Amsterdam:
πŸ†˜Friday the 27th of November it will be Black Friday. Our message? Just don’t buy it. Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rebel. Stop overconsumption! End Black Friday! We organize various actions and events in the city center of Amsterdam. The idea is that small groups of rebels carry out their own actions during the day as decentralized and coronaproof as possible. Don’t you have a group yet (affinity group; AG)? No worries! Come to the Spui on Friday from 11:00 and then you can join an action on the spot.
What to expect?
⭐Guerrilla repair and knitting;
⭐Pop-up workshops to repair clothing;
⭐Education about the toxic system and how fashion has to do with it;
⭐Street theater;
⭐Dancing through the streets: Toxic System Rave;
⭐and much more.
➑️Come on Friday at 11:00 to the Spui in Amsterdam. Bring your friends & mouthpiece!
➑️Oh yeah: put yourself on the Facebook event and fill in this form:…/1FAIpQLSeHsscwCZLdT3…/viewform
➑️Want to know more? See the explanation of the actions below.
Take with you:
πŸ›οΈYour circus outfit
πŸ›οΈProtest boards
πŸ›οΈYour old clothes or fabrics to repair
πŸ›οΈMouth cap
More info per action – which actions are there?
The central point (on the Spui) where you can ask questions about the actions, you can learn to sew and repair (e.g. to do a Guerrilla Repair), you can pick up flyers and stickers. We still need people to run this hub all day long.
⭐Toxic system rave
We rewrote the lyrics of Toxic by Britney and made a simple dance choreography (like Discobedience during the September Rebellion).
What? do a flashmob inside / outside stores.
Join the Toxic System Rave? Check out the movie and learn the dance! Watch this instructional video:Β
Dresscode? Toxic system (or business black / gray with pink / red accents)
Here is the action guide for this action:Β…/1Tvkd8gsf8v8….
⭐Guerrilla repair
Knitting and guerrilla repair sessions are meant to show people that you don’t have to buy new clothes. With this, XR offers shoppers an alternative.
Here is the action guide for this action:Β…/1Tvkd8gsf8v8….
Take your old clothes / fabrics with you!
⭐Flyer / Posting
You can take to the streets and go to stores to hand out flyers and talk to people about why they are shopping. You can pick up the flyers at the hub. Talk to the public. Ask if they’ve thought about the toxic system that supports their shopping (we do this in a way to interact with people, and don’t embarrass their consumer habits, so previous GC training would be a plus).
You can also put flyers in clothes to sell or put up posters in locker rooms in stores.
⭐Click here for the list of those participating in Black Friday this year:
On the day itself, a number of things can still change in terms of time and locations. So keep a close eye on our Facebook, Instagram and sign up for our broadcast app via PM.

November 27


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Extinction Rebellion Amsterdam


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