Guerrilla Making Workshop

Black friday is the ultimate celebration of mass consumption. It is a day where companies give enormous and irresistible discounts to consumers. The consumers are seduced to buy stuff they don’t need. The production of this stuff comes at a high price for industry workers and our shared environment.
We don’t need the companies to live, but they need us to survive. If we stop giving them our money because we realize there’s plenty alternatives to mass consumerism, they will go bankrupt one by one.🏦🔥
Alternatives like buying second-hand, upcycling, repairing, swapping can be done in communities online and on the streets as civil disobedience.🧵📣
That’s why we are going to teach people on Black Friday to repair and make stuff themselves. Join us for this experience! Learn how to make and repair, and sit-in protest near fast-fashion shops to show the alternative!
We’ll do two rounds of the workshop:
12:00-13:00 & 16:00-17:00 @ Spui Amsterdam
We’ll start with a meditation and speech, and there is room for a performance if you would like.
What can you bring?
– Your facemask!
– Clothes that need repair
– Knitting supplies
– Some needle and thread
– A protest sign
– Something to sit on
– Snacks and water!
Create, don’t consume – as creativity will counteract the oppression of our consumer society.🧶✂️

November 27


12:00 - 17:00

Event Category:

Community, Training


XR NL Fashion Action




Amsterdam, Nederland, 1012 WX

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