Toxic System Rave – Online

☣️⚡Dear Raving Rebels⚡☣️
Firstly we wish you all a rebellious 2021!! We hope everyone is okay during these strange times. We can’t dance and rave. We miss celebrating life. We yearn for nights of togetherness. 🎶
☠️🦠 The situation we now have to live in, the corona crisis and its lockdowns and the climate crisis, has been caused by a toxic system. A system of overproduction and overconsumption leading to the exploitation of workers and the destruction of nature. A system that builds on centuries of colonialism and hierarchical thinking. 💰☠️
👩‍🎤 To expose this toxic system we have created a battle song and a choreography so that rebels all over the world can express their love for life and their passion for change in flashmob formation. 🕺💃
🌚 Check out our Black Friday flashmob in Amsterdam here:
🔥Check out our first edition and all the steps here:
Get your outfit ready and join our ONLINE Toxic System Rave this Sunday at 17:00! We’ll first dance for one hour and then take an hour to go over the choreography and after that a rebellious DJ will be on the program. 💿
(The zoom link will follow later)
🎥 The zoom-room will also be streamed, so put on your best Toxic System outfit – get inspired by our Rave Rebels – decorate your room like a Rave, connect your laptop to a good sound system and let’s celebrate life together remotely! 🎊
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January 17


17:00 - 20:00

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Extinction Rebellion Amsterdam




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