Cigarette butt challenge

Hello everybody, for the climate alarm of this month, we decided to organise a little event/action in order to clean our city and our planet. During the next weekend, from the 29th to the 31st of January, XR invites everybody to grab an empty bottle, a pair of gloves and a friend and to go around the city, picking up cigarette butts. Share a picture of yourself with your full bottles on your story and tag us! We will repost all the posts to reach out to more people show how many of us stand together against climate change!
Check out the link to see how nocive cigarette butts are for our planet:…

January 29 - 0:00


February 1 - 0:00

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Action, Community


Extinction Rebellion Maastricht

Email: maastricht@extinctionrebellion.n



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