Heading for Extinction – Whats all the fuss about?

Extinction Rebellion is in the news more and more. What are they doing and why?

Our world is facing all kinds of crises: the climate crisis, ecological crisis, socio-economic crisis, and now the corona crisis. A crisis that threatens what is dear to us, and which for many, puts their income, their health, or their lives at risk. A crisis that exposes the cracks in our society, in our system, and hits the most vulnerable people hardest. The Netherlands is returning to “normal” and many other countries are also emerging from lockdowns. Extinction Rebellion believes that we cannot go back to the same normal as before, but need to create a new normal. During this lecture we will tell why, and explain how the actions in the September Rebellion take us in this direction.

The talk will last until 18:45, after that there will be room for discussion and discussion.

We ask everyone to bring a face mask and keep the 1.5m physical distance as much as possible and to stay at home with any complaints.

Location NieuwLand is dependent on donations. We ask anyone who can afford it it to donate to the location (around €3-5).

For more details on the September rebellion you can stay after 19:00 for the action briefing, which will be online: https://www.facebook.com/events/321379012301281


september 16


18:15 - 19:00


Extinction Rebellion Amsterdam

Email: xr.amsterdam@protonmail.com


Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1093 XN


Sluit je aan bij de duizenden mensen die zinvolle actie ondernemen met Extinction Rebellion. Wie je ook bent of hoeveel tijd je ook hebt, er is een plek voor jou binnen onze beweging.

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