Interactive XR-Webinar: The Science Behind Effective Climate Activism

Climate activism is awesome, yes… But when is it effective?

Climate activism comes in many shapes and forms: public climate marches, non-violent direct action, eco-terrorism – to name just a few. But when is climate activism actually effective? And when is it counterproductive? What makes people feel motivated to join in? And when you’re brainstorming about setting up the next big action, what should you keep in mind about effective climate change communication?

In this XR-webinar we’re going to take a look at the science behind effective climate action, together with three social scientists: dr. Martijn van Zomeren (researcher and professor of social psychology), drs. Christel van Eck (PhD-researcher Climate Change Communication and podcast host of ‘A Cup of Climate’) and dr. Thijs Bouman (university professor and researcher of environmental psychology). Under the skillful guidance of moderator Aaron from Rebel Radio we’ll not only talk about the answers to the questions above, but you’ll also get the chance to pose your burning questions to our researchers.

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Please note: the language of communication will be English.


januari 28


20:00 - 21:30

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