Pause for the Earth: Ramadan Talks

In international collaboration during the unprecedented Corona and Ecological crises, XR Muslims set up a programme of webinars, to reflect on the beauty of the World, Allah’s creation and outline the inherent ecological balance that a Muslim lifestile aligns with, as taught in all varieties of Islamic scholarship. Inspiring Muslim activists from all over the world give examples of how to face environmental destruction, and live harmoniously with all forms of Life in the spirit of justice, mercy and simplicity.
The format of the webinars will be interactive and will include:
– Two 15-20 minute presentations
– 5-minute reflection of an ayat of the Quran related to the environment
– Q&A session
This week, we’ll have the following speakers:
Speaker 1: Fazeela Mubarak (Understanding the impacts of climate change on Muslim communities)
Speaker 2: Ahlya Ali (UK Youth Climate Coalition)
Speaker 3: Munadiah Aftab (Youth Climate Campaigning)
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mei 19


19:00 - 20:00




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