Regenerative culture online open meeting

The Regenerative Culture circle invites you to join our next meeting! We are always welcoming new volunteers that are motivated to organize events, even in these weird times. Would you like to join the meeting? Please join us on zoom through this link 15 minutes earlier to meet the team:
In our circle, we work on ways of fostering a regenerative culture within XR and ultimately in the wider society. A part of the regenerative culture circle’s tasks is to make sure that the community and the individuals within it are healthy, resilient and supported. How can we take care of our own and others’ well-being in the face of the crises(es) we are dealing with? What are ways in which we can bring about a more mindful, respectful and reflective way of communicating and living with each other and our planet? How can we support fellow rebels during actions?
These are some of the things we address and are busy with, but in the next meeting we will mainly discuss a beautiful regenerative action we are organizing, as well as planning a day full of creative online activities to reflect upon where we are at as a circle and within XR Utrecht.
We are looking forward to meeting you
The Regenerative Culture Circle Utrecht


april 22


19:00 - 21:00




Sluit je aan bij de duizenden mensen die zinvolle actie ondernemen met Extinction Rebellion. Wie je ook bent of hoeveel tijd je ook hebt, er is een plek voor jou binnen onze beweging.

Sluit je aan bij XR