Social Noting – Intersubjective Mindfulness

UK people please join at 8:30h London Time / The event in FB is adjusted to Central European Time.
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Re-wild yourself!
Given your interest during April, Social Mindfulness sessions will continue during May!
Some science-backed mindfulness benefits include improved cognition and decision making (makes you “smarter”), improves moods, sleep quality, increases our ability to feel empathy, boots attention span and focus, increases resilience and coping mechanisms, slows down neurodegenerative diseases (keeps your brain young), enhances creativity, reduces the feeling of loneliness, helps coping with aches and pains, and much more! See for yourself!
We are practicing a form of inter-subjective social mindfulness developed by Vincent Horn and Kenneth Folk but with a strong foundation in ancient Buddhist practices (mostly Vipassana). Normally, during a meditation session you sit alone with your thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc. During a session of social noting, we note together whatever arises in the moment.
You may have heard that mindfulness is “the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally” (Kabat-Zinn). But how do we train our awareness to pay attention in this manner? By making use of social noting, we are training our mind/awareness to notice phenomena and stimuli as it arises, the building blocks for mindfulness. Eventually we become very efficient at noting phenomena, and the noting drops, leaving an awareness/mind fully immerse and aware of the present moment, which can be very valuable when studying, working, attending a meeting, stressful situations, climate actions and more. A creative, dynamic, resilient and woken mind is your best ally and a powerful tool. In addition, the group dynamic becomes apparent and inducive to further self- and group-development, which is important for our future actions. The next Buddha will be a collective!
Getting lost in your mind (thoughts, feelings, memories, etc) is like getting lost in nature! Please, don’t get lost in nature, re-wild yourself and know the nature of mind. Know your mind’s forest!
Sessions take place on most weekdays from 9:30 to 10h (Amsterdam) / 8:30 to 9h (UK). You can participate by joining the Zoom meeting:
Password: 8E4wrL
Everyone is welcome, event free of charge.
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