Social Noting – Intersubjective Mindfulness

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Re-wild yourself!
Social Mindfulness sessions will continue during May.
Some science-backed mindfulness benefits include improved cognition and decision making (makes you “smarter”), improves moods, sleep quality, increases our ability to feel empathy, boots attention span and focus, increases resilience and coping mechanisms, slows down neurodegenerative diseases (keeps your brain young), enhances creativity, reduces the feeling of loneliness, helps coping with aches and pains, and much more! See for yourself!
We are practicing a form of intersubjective social mindfulness developed by Vincent Horn and Kenneth Folk but with a strong foundation in ancient Buddhist practices. Normally, during a meditation session you sit alone with your thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc. During a session of social noting, we note together whatever arises in our experience. This is helpful in two ways: first you get to hear how experienced meditators note their experiences; and second, you become familiar with your direct-experience and begin to notice many mental states, including pleasant states like joy and contentment, which we some times (or many times!) overlook because we are so busy or focused on other tasks. But joy is always there, available. In addition, you will be re-wiring your brain towards the benefits mentioned above.
The developers of this method teach meditation in Google and Silicon Valley, an industry geared towards efficiency and innovation, therefore this method is very pragmatic and results oriented.
Getting lost in your mind (thoughts, feelings, memories, etc) is like getting lost in nature. Please, don’t get lost in nature, re-wild yourself and know the nature of mind.
Sessions take place on weekdays from 9:30 to 10h. You can participate by joining the Zoom meeting:
Everyone is welcome, event free of charge.
Mattermost xrNL channel: Mindfulness Online – Zoom

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