Speakers’ Training – Citizens’ Assemblies

In September we will take to the streets to demand that our government puts citizens and the forefront of deciding how to address the climate and ecological crises. In order for this demand to be effective, we need to create huge momentum on this issue between now and Septemberrebellie. We plan to organize talks, webinars, panels discussions and more to help both rebels and the broader public understand what we are asking for and why we think this is important for getting the response to these twin crises right.
~Deze training is in het Engels/This training is in English
In order to scale-up our outreach on this topic we need to train as many rebels as possible to give talks and webinars on our third demand. This training will provide a detailed look at the Citizens’ Assembly presentation, walking participants through each slide and helping them to both understand the facts and gain confidence in telling the story and making it their own.
All rebels are welcome to take part in the training! If possible, it is recommended to attend the upcoming webinar on Citizen’s Assemblies (


) in order to familiarize yourself with the talk before the training. If you cannot attend the webinar, please watch the first part of the recording of the last webinar on this topic, available here: https://tube.rebellion.global/videos/watch/be638e57-f0bc-4429-a46a-60e4f90e0bf9

Note: While we currently only have capacity to provide the training in English, we are currently translating the slides into Dutch and so Dutch-speaking rebels who have completed this training can then give talks and webinars in Dutch. We hope to eventually also be able to give a training in Dutch.
The Zoom link to this event will be added to the Facebook event closer to the date.

augustus 12


19:00 - 21:30


Extinction Rebellion

Email: info@extinctionrebellion.nl



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