XR Reflect and Reconnect Circle

Reflect and Reconnect
The September rebellion is behind us. More than a week of debriefing, resting and getting back to daily life. How are you doing now?
Rebellion can be intense: meeting new people, high energy, physical challenges, a lot at stake and dealing with uncertainty and change. It can take a while to process all the experiences of such a big action, on a physical, mental and emotional level.
With this circle we intent to create a possibility to check in after the recent rebellion. Through a guided mindfulness practice we’ll first ground and check in with ourselves. Then we’ll open up the safe space for rebels to share what has came up for them in the preparation, during and after the rebellion. Breath, reflect and reconnect.
This is for rebels who:
– Could use a supportive space to reflect on their rebellion week experiences
– Would like to get out of their head, into their body
– Would love to reconnect with other rebels
– Are in a need of a safe space to share their experiences and process emotions
We want to offer a space where every experience is welcome and honored, also if they are not ‘positive’, ‘fun’ or come with emotions. We’re here to support each other in our process, believing that taking responsibility for our personal and communal wellbeing is essential in regenerative culture.
This circle will be hosted in English. The following will be in Dutch.
Check the XR NL Facebook events to stay up to date.
About the facilitators:
Irene is an old nurse and an experienced guide in the field of living and dying. She is born for XR, hosting grief circles, DJ-ing in XR’s Granny’s Chamber (Oma’s Huiskamer) https://development.extinctionrebellion.nl/rebel-radio-uitzendingen/ and co-creating our lovely rebellion for life.
Anna is a rebellious spirit, yoga teacher and personal development coach. Having had an activism burn out at 19, she learned early on that activism can be a source of depletion of body, mind and soul. She now guides other rebellious folks to become more regenerative and helps to create a sustainable activist culture within organizations.
> Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anna.bo.bella/

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20:00 - 22:00

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