XR Utrecht – Climate Mourning Circle (English)

Climate Mourning Cirle
(followed by a shared potluck meal together)

The Climate Mourning Circle is an opportunity to share your feelings and connect with others about the climate crisis.

When you think of ‘grief’ and ‘mourning’, the first thing that might come up is sadness about something you lost. But there can also be anger, fear, hopelessness or other feelings. Even numbness. The climate crisis it is not only about something precious already lost, or something we are about to lose, but it is also very much about what we will or might lose in the future.

The climate crisis can provoke all kinds of reactions such as doubts about your personal future, change in behavior, identity or in the way you feel in general. Grief might be very present in your life or only come to you in waves. It might also be a reason for activism. There is a good reason we hear the term climate depression more often these days.

Everybody has their own way of relating to the climate crisis. In the circle we want to create space for any reaction you might have. Rather than offering solutions, advice or action, we take a deep breath and explore anything that wants to be shared.

To create that space together we will provide you with some tools rooted in Circling and Mindfulness practices. These will help you stay grounded in the moment and take the time to connect with what is present, both in yourself and in others. Such a gentle exploration in the moment with supportive connection can be healing in itself. It can be helpful to be seen by others in the challenges you face in life and to be able to meet yourself in that.

If you want to join, please sign up at this form https://forms.gle/TUdBeHrrvutZgBvK6 . There will be a maximum number of spots available (10 people). Afterwards, we can eat together. Bring some food for the potluck dinner to share if you want to join the dinner.

Please be aware that this circle is no substitute for therapy. If you are not sure whether this circle is for you, feel free to connect with one of the organizers.

The circle will be led by Ilmer, Lutger and Nienke from Regenerative Culture Utrecht.
Ilmer is trained as a theatre director and teacher and as a Circling facilitator. Currently she works at the municipality of Amsterdam.
Nienke is currently graduating a master in Humanistics and works as a spiritual counselor in a homeless shelter.
Lutger studied Humanistics and is trained as a Circling facilitator. He works at OGD as a software engineer.

“Perhaps non-violence is the difficult practice of letting rage collapse into grief. Since then we stand the chance of knowing we are bound up with others, such that who I am or who you are is this living relation that we sometimes lose.” – Judith Butler


december 22


15:00 - 18:00


Extinction Rebellion Utrecht


XR Artsfactory

Nijverheidsweg 6

Utrecht, Netherland, 3534 AM


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