What XR stands for
and how you can help

Introduction to XR training
every Sunday from 14:00 to 16:30, online

Are you also concerned about the climate and ecological crisis? Are you tired of helplessly watching as politicians and companies lead us towards the abyss? At Extinction Rebellion, you can take real action together with like-minded individuals! We leave traditional climate marches and petitions behind and are building a powerful mass movement that can turn the tide. 🌍💪

Workshop Content

During this engaging online training, you will gain insight into what we stand for (our DNA), how our movement is structured, and most importantly, why! Discover how you can personally make a valuable contribution. Do you want to learn how to make an impact with Extinction Rebellion? Then sign up for the Introduction to XR training!


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Is a 2.5-hour training still a bit much for you right now? Then, first, watch a 15-minute video about why activism is important.

Invite your friends and family

If you have friends who are also worried about the climate, invite them to come to the introduction talk.