A10 Blockade

ING must immediately stop all financing of, and services to, the fossil industry!

ING is the largest fossil lender in the Netherlands. Since the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, the bank has financed the climate and environmental crisis with nearly 60 billion euros. Despite increasing forest fires, heatwaves, famines and floods, it was still close to 5 billion euros in 2022.

With this, ING further fuels the climate and ecological crisis every day, threatening safety, welfare and public health, both in the Netherlands and abroad. This must stop!

That is why we are calling on the whole of the Netherlands to block the A10 near the former ING headquarters “De Schoen” in Amsterdam on Saturday, February 24th, at noon. We will not release the A10 until ING stops financing climate disruption.

Will you help? Make sure you are well prepared by taking an action training. Are you already sure you will participate? Then sign up for the Telegram channel.

For more info, visit https://a10blokkade.nl/


February 24



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A10 South

Amstelveenseweg 500


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