Action training

Action Training Training or Lecture

8 May 2024

18:30 to 22:00

Studentenvakbond AKKU, Gymnasion, Heyendaalseweg, Nijmegen, Nederland

Dutch & English spoken

Price: Free

Registration is required
New rebels are welcome

After following this training you can make an informed decision about whether you want to participate in an action.

To prepare you for non-violent action, XR Nijmegen organizes monthly training sessions. Our advice is to join a training, where you will learn:

🌸 how to prepare for an XR action;
🌻 what non-violence means to XR and what non-violent tactics are;
🌸 how a simple blockade works and what joining a blockade involves;
🌻 how to ensure your mental well-being during an action;
🌸 what an affinity group is and how these groups function during actions;
🌻 how an arrest works and how to deal with police presence;
🌸 what legal consequences an action can have.

After the training you can make an informed decision about whether you want to participate in an action.

This training is a great introduction to XR. It will prepare you for actions. For a deeper understanding of the organization or for meeting other rebels, attend a welcome café or potluck. Whereas this training addresses the basic legal implications of non-violent disobedience, action-specific implications will be shared during briefings before an action. If you plan to join actions more often, a specific legal-training is recommended.

The training will last about 3,5 hours. We start at 18:30 sharp. You can walk in from 18:15. If you get there, you'll a square below ground level with offices of several student associations. We'll meet at the office of AKKU. If you can't find that, wait on the bridge at the main entrance, where the trainer will pick you up.

We would like to make our meetings accessible for all. You may email questions and requests about accessibility to in advance.
Registration is required