[CANCELLED] Action training Twente

Action Training Training or Lecture

7 April 2024

17:00 to 21:00

Enschede, Enschede

Dutch & English spoken

Price: Free

New rebels are welcome

The action training is cancelled due to a lack of participants.

To prepare for coming XR actions we organise a new action training in Enschede on april the 7th. If you want to participate in civil disobience actions (with a chance of arrest), it is important that you follow an action training. This training can also give you the knowledge and insights to decide whether or not you will participate in an action.

During this training you will learn:
🌻how to prepare for an Extinction Rebellion action;
🌻what non-violence means for you personally, for Extinction Rebellion and what tactics come into play;
🌻how to setup a simple blockade and what you can expect when in it;
🌻how to take care of your mental wellbeing;
🌻what affinity groups and fingers are and how they operate during actions;
🌻how an arrest can go and how to deal with police presence;
🌻what the legal consequences of an action can be.

A lot of new rebels have questions about legal consequences of civil disobedience. During this training the basics will be covered. Shortly before an action, briefings are organised, where the (legal) specifics of the action will be covered.

After this training you should be prepared to participate in an Extinction Rebellion action. The training language will depend on the participants. You can enter from 17:00 and we start the training at 17:15.

Sign up through twente@extinctionrebellion.nl. You will hear about the location after signing up, which will be at 15-20 minutes walking from Enschede (central) train station. If there are too few attendees, the training can be cancelled. You will hear this through e-mail on Thursday April 4th.


Enschede, Enschede


Extinction Rebellion Twente