Climate Alarm Amsterdam


7 August 2023

11:45 to 12:15

Amstel 1, Amsterdam

Price: Free

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Every first Monday of the month, at 12:00, the air raid alarm sounds throughout the Netherlands. As soon as the alarm goes off, we use this moment to stage a die-in every month. This action is low risk. That means that it is very unlikely anyone will get arrested, because we do not block anything or break any laws. If the police asks us to leave, we will, and we even let them know this beforehand. 

Important information

During all actions and meetings of Extinction Rebellion, we must respect the principles and values of the movement. Otherwise it is no longer an Extinction Rebellion action/meeting. So make sure you understand and respect the principles and values.

We also have an action consensus, a short list of rules for during actions. It is very important that you do not break these rules. They help us keep each other safe. In this particular action, not only do we follow these rules, but we also do not block anything and we do not break any laws. If the police asks us to leave, we will. That is very important, because that way the police has no need to arrest us.

Theme for this month

The location and time do not change, but the theme and the program are different every month. More information about the action will be shared on the Telegram channel.

Because this is such a low risk action, anyone can help organise it. Even totally new rebels can help out. Because of that, anyone is welcome to join the preparation meetings. The Sunday after the action, we already meet to prepare for the next one. That gives us plenty of time to come up with fun ideas. If you want to learn how to organise actions, this can be a good place to start!

Preparation meeting for this Climate Alarm action: July 9th

Preparation meeting for the next Climate Alarm action: August 13th


Buiten het Stadshuis Amsterdam, Amstel 1, Amsterdam