Training or Lecture

6 January 2024

13:00 to 15:00

Hurksestraat 20-50, Eindhoven, Nederland

Price: Free

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During this crash course on Saturday January 6, we will help you make conversations about the climate (difficult issues) more pleasant.
We start at 1:00 PM, but please join us at 12:00 PM for the potluck.

Bartho and Mirjam are ready for you!

Register: DM Mirjam or email

XR Eindhoven Rebelbase
Hurksestraat 20 (unit 50)
5652 AK Eindhoven

If the gate is closed, please call +31 6 1517 3136.


Rebelbase Eindhoven, Hurksestraat 20-50, Eindhoven, Nederland