Discobedience party

Social Gathering

6 - 7 October 2023

20:00 to 3:00

Hurksestraat 20 (unit 50), Eindhoven, Nederland

Price: Free

New rebels are welcome
Activism is hard work and emotionally draining, so we have to dance sometimes, to shake our bodies loose and have a good time together. That's why we started the discobedience parties! Here you can recharge and let go to funky beats and rebellious classics, played by our very own XR DJs Caz One and Joris van Agtmaal!

The discobedience party is accessible to all, so take all your friends, your grandma and even your cat with you, and let's show them that we are, besides fearless rebels, also just fun people that enjoy having a good time. We start around 20:00 and will go on till the last night owl is tired.

If you're from outside Eindhoven, and am looking for a place to sleep, feel free to send an email to disco@xrinfo.me!

We charge 1 Euro per consumption. There will be tokens you can buy for this.

XR Eindhoven Rebelbase
Hurksestraat 20 (Unit 50)
5652 AK Eindhoven

If the gate is closed, you can call +31 402405224, 0r +31 646593893.