14 April 2024

13:00 to 15:00

Den Haag

Dutch & English spoken

Price: Free

New rebels are welcome

On Sunday, April 14th we'll once again rebel against fashion companies in The Hague. In certain stores, of which we know they're ruining our planet and their workers' human rights, we'll hang second-hand clothes. We attach labels on those clothes, telling the public to take these clothes instead of buying something new, and explaining to them what's wrong with the fast fashion industry. If we can mobilize enough rebels, we'll also target stores in the Westland, Zoetermeer, Leidschendam, Voorburg and/or Rijswijk.

The fashion industry is responsible for a third of all microplastics in the oceans, 20% of all wastewater, and 8% of global CO₂ emissions (similar to the emissions of the combined European Union). On top of that, production labourers in the sector repeatedly suffer from human rights violations.

The action will be low-risk, and very much suited for new rebels. The preparations (attaching labels to clothes) are a social get-together, with tea and biscuits and no-risk (even suitable for people who haven't done an actiontraining).

If you want to donate your clothes, or if you want to contribute to either the preparation or the action, find us on Signal:  (Keep in mind that in Signal groups your phone number is shown to all people in the group.)

Love and rage,

Guerilla Fashion Price Tag 🩵

Location, Den Haag