Massive disruptive action - RECLAIM THE HARBOUR


17 May 2024

12:00 to 17:00

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Dutch & English spoken

Price: Free

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New rebels are welcome

On 17 may we will again reclaim the harbour with our 3rd massive disruptive action. Join and sign up!

The port of Rotterdam accounts for 20% of Dutch CO2 emissions. It is the most polluting port in Europe. We are literally sick of it! That is why we continue to put pressure on the Port Authority and the city of Rotterdam to take their responsibility and radically change the port into a place that Rotterdam residents can be proud of, because it contributes to climate justice and social well-being.

On May 17, we will retake the port again with the third massive disruptive action. We demand an end to the fossil fuel port, green jobs, healthy air and that citizens are allowed to participate in decisions about their own future.

Time for change, time for action!!


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Registration is appreciated


Harbour of Rotterdam , Rotterdam, Netherlands