Welcome to XR Rotterdam Day

Social Gathering Training or Lecture Meeting

2 April 2023

12:00 to 17:00

Boomgaardstraat 69, Rotterdam

Price: Free

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On april 2nd from 12:00, in Precious (upstairs), we'll be starting a day full of activities. We'll start with a short welcome talk introducing you to XR, after which we'll have an open forum for ALL your questions.

In the afternoon we'll delve deeper into the (IT-)systems we use within XR , introduce you to all circles, and at 17:00 we end the day with an (optional) dinner.

You can stay put afterwards for our quarterly General Meeting as well!

Interested? Sign up through this form, and be sure to take people with you! >>> https://xrb.link/Z851Q9


Boomgaardstraat 69, Rotterdam