Welcoming New Rebels workshop NL

Training or Lecture

22 January 2023

11:00 to 12:00

RhĂ´neweg 6, Amsterdam

Price: Free

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What do new rebels need? How do we welcome people who join Extinction Rebellion? What can you do to help new rebels?

Every week, dozens of people sign up to become a part of XR NL. Yet, not all of them become active. A survey shows that many new rebels feel that they didn’t get enough information and support.

The entire movement, every group and every rebel, can help to improve this. Whether you’re new or very experienced, join every action or watch from the sidelines, are with a big group or do your own thing: after following this workshop you can make it a bit easier for new rebels to find their way within the movement.

This workshop will be given in Dutch as a part of the Community Weekend. 


Extinction Rebellion Netherlands