Training or Lecture

2 March 2024

14:00 to 17:00

Hurksestraat 20-50, Eindhoven, Nederland

Price: Free

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📺📰 Would you like to speak to the press? Do your hands itch when you open the (digital) newspapers? Would you like to represent the movement and bring it to people more widely? Then don't wait any longer and follow a spokesperson training! Whether it is for media, outreach, or debates – the training is suitable for every level or activist 🤩

🏋️ Follow a training course on everything that comes with spokesperson
🎤 Practice with other rebels with current and realistic media scenarios
🤸 See what steps you would like to take in the movement as a spokesperson

👧 For whom?!
Rebels who want to practice speaking in and about actions. Do you find it exciting when you get a 🎤 under your nose? Do you want to know how to convey the message briefly and concisely? Join this fantastic training…! It's nice if you can feel more comfortable and confident in contact with journalists. The training will be in Dutch 📣

📆 When?
Saturday, March 2, 2-5 p.m. with trainers Razz and Hester.

Rebelbase XR Eindhoven Hurksestraat 20-50 te Eindhoven. If the gate is closed, please call +31 402405224.

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Rebelbase Eindhoven, Hurksestraat 20-50, Eindhoven, Nederland