Thematic groups

National circles all have their own responsibilities. Some circles also have sub-circles. 

If all goes well, each circle has a representative and a coordinator. 

The national Coordination Circle (CC) meets every week. It consists of representatives and coordinators of the national circles and the local groups. The CC discusses many different topics. However, the CC can’t just make decisions for another group. The mandate (document) of each group therefore states what they are allowed to decide on. You can learn exactly how that works at a sociocracy workshop. Workshops can be found on our events page

Because there are so many national circles, the CC can fill up quickly. That is why there are thematic groups. Those are groups of two to six circles that have similarities. They work together, support each other and can sometimes start larger projects together. A thematic group also consists of the representatives and coordinators of the circles that belong to it.

Usually representatives and coordinators from the same thematic group take turns going to the CC. As a result, the meeting can be more efficient and the representatives and coordinators have more free time. For that reason it is also important that the circles in a thematic group have something in common with each other. Then the circles understand each other better. That way, the representative or coordinator of one circle can also represent the other(s).

In short, you can think of the national circles and thematic groups as a kind of family tree. Imagine that circles of the same thematic group are like siblings. That “family tree” looks like this. First the CC, then the thematic groups, then the national circles and finally the sub-circles.


There is also a list of national circles on the website with information about what they do. Below you will learn about the thematic groups. 

Action Support

In XR (eXtinction Rebellion) we try to work without hierarchy and power. No one in XR controls what actions can and cannot happen. As long as an action follows  our principles, values and other agreements about actions, the XR name/flag may be used. To enable  such actions, the Action and Legal circles offer their assistance. 


A simple blockade with only our logo does not always convey the message well. People need context to understand why we are taking action. The message can be made clearer with words and images. This is what the circles Art and Media & Communication (M&C) work on. 


We say our system is toxic. That means we have to challenge ourselves to do better. We need to look in the mirror at ourselves and at the world we grew up in. In this way we can recognize mistakes and learn from them. That way we can continue to grow together. To make our movement resilient, non-hierarchical and self-aware, the circles of Inclusion & Power (I&M) and Regenerative Culture (Rain) work together.


To make our goals a success, we need to stand up in large numbers. We must therefore encourage others to be on the same side. This can be done, for example, with information, support and collaboration. The circles that reach out to others to stand strong together are Collaboration (Collab)Political Representation (PolRep), Integration, International Link (IntLink) and Outreach & Training (O&T). 


Our demands are clear: Wees Eerlijk (Be Honest / Tell The Truth), Doe Wat Nodig Is (Do What Is Necessary / Act Now) and Laat Burgers Beslissen (Let Citizens Decide / Go Beyond Politics). But how can we make them come true? We want our actions to have a real impact on the world and politics. So that we can make the necessary changes together before time runs out. This is the responsibility of the circle  Politics, Strategy and Change (P&S) and the sub-circle  Citizens’ Assembly Expertise Group .


A lot of support is needed to enable rebel activities across the country. Such as, for example, funds, finance, IT and technology. This allows local groups and national circles to fulfill their tasks. The circles of  Finance, FundraisingTech and the OvO working group are working hard on this.