Klimaatalarm Wageningen


5 februari 2024

11:30 tot 13:30

Bronland 20, Wageningen

Prijs: Gratis

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5 februari from 11.30-12.30 @Friesland Campina on WUR Campus!

Why? Because agriculture is responsible for 31% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Unless previous promisses made by Friesland Campina, they will not be climate neutral in 2050. Friesland Campina is dependent on pesticides and artificial fertilizer, causing harm to biodiversity, water, soil and air. Also, severe animal abuse is no secret in intensive livestock farming. The Netherlands is the second biggest importer of soy from Brazil worldwide. This soy production causes the massive destruction of the Amazon, displacing Indigenous peoples dependent on and living in the rainforest. Instead of taking responsibility of these problems, Friesland Campina invests time and energy in greenwashing campaigns like "on the way to PlanetProof" and "Nourishing a better planet".

No more! We demand: 1. Tell the truth! 2. Stop casing harm to nature and animals. 3. Put the interests of nature, animals and farmers first.


Friesland Campina, Wageningen Campus, Bronland 20, Wageningen