Action training (EN)

Actietraining Training of lezing

23 augustus 2023

19:00 tot 22:00

Cartesiusweg 11, Utrecht, Netherlands

Prijs: Gratis

Nieuwe rebellen zijn welkom
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Location: Buurtcentrum Oase Cartesiusweg 11, 3534 BA Utrecht
Doors open: 18:45, start 19:00.
Duration: 2,5 hrs, including a break
Language: English

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Do you want to know:
🔴 What’s it like to participate in a NonViolent Direct Action?
🔴 What an affinity group is and how they work during an action?
🔴 What the legal consequences are of civil disobedience?
🔴 How we view nonviolence at XR?
🔴 Which de-escalation techniques you can use?
We will tell you all about it! The training consists of a lecture combined with exercises, and there is enough time for questions. After the training we hope that you can make a more informed decision on whether to join a disruptive action, and if you already decided to do so, that you have the proper ‘tools’. Minder weergeven

[Deze training wordt in het Engels gegeven, kijk voor NLtalige trainingen hier:]


Buurtcentrum Oase, Cartesiusweg 11, Utrecht, Netherlands