Cuddle Workshop XR Utrecht

Sociale bijeenkomst Training of lezing Vergadering

18 augustus 2023

19:00 tot 22:30

Utrecht, Netherlands

Prijs: Gratis

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🇬🇧 On August 18th, there will be a cuddle workshop for rebels to slow down, relax and connect with each other.

Please note that unfortunately, the location is not accesible with a wheelchair.

Read more about the workshop below and use the sign up form to register.

During this cuddle workshop, we will embark on a journey of conscious touch and authentic connection in a safe and playful manner, guided by various exercises.

❧ To connect with yourself and others within a safe and playful space.
❧ To experience touch and explore it in an accessible way.
❧ To practice conscious touch and explore how touch affects you.
❧ To practice sensing and expressing your desires and boundaries within a safe setting.
❧ Because cuddling and touch are incredibly beneficial for your well-being.
❧ To connect with wonderful people.

In this workshop, the routines are gradually built up, ensuring a slow and steady progression. It's important for participants to listen to their bodies and only do what feels comfortable and manageable, respecting their own limitations and boundaries. There is space to skip any excersice you are not comfortable with, so you can stay true to your own needs.

Mathias is trained as a professional cuddler and conducts workshops in Belgium and the Netherlands on topics such as connection, intimacy, touch, and contact. He is deeply fascinated by various forms of communication and connection, whether through physical contact or other means, and these aspects play a significant role in his life. He believes that many people can benefit from them and finds joy in being able to facilitate that.
His aim is to provide a safe space where you can freely experience and connect with your body and emotions—allowing yourself to reconnect fully with yourself and embracing whatever arises—thus fostering a deeper connection with others.

The workshop will be given in English, but the facilitators also speak Dutch so you can ask questions in Dutch.

Use this sign up form to register for the workshop:

🇳🇱 Op 18 augustus organiseren we een knuffel workshop in Utrecht. De workshop wordt in het Engels gegeven, maar de facilitator spreekt ook Nederlands dus mocht je vragen willen stellen in Nederlands dan kunnen we daar ruimte voor maken.


Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands