We are XR News Media: A community of concerned citizens and journalists. We see that the Dutch media:

  1. Consistently deny the seriousness of the climate and ecological crises, underestimate their connection to other societal problems and ignore the limited time left to prevent irreversible climate tipping points;
  2. Often fail to mention the connection to climate change at all or put it into perspective in news about the consequences of climate change, such as floods and heat waves; and
  3. By allowing experts to speak that don’t do justice to the broad scientific consensus on the climate and ecological crises.

Because of these three shortcomings, they do not enable the population of the Netherlands to make an informed judgement about the climate and ecological crisis and to adapt their personal and political behaviour accordingly.

That is why we have organised ourselves in the community XR News Media:

  • We stimulate the public debate on honest climate journalism;
  • We are taking action to get the Dutch media to report honestly on the climate and ecological crisis;
  • We show (with international examples and self-made creative and humorous content) what honest climate journalism looks like.

Given the language-specific context of the subject this community group is communicating in Dutch.

Email: xrnieuwsmedia@protonmail.com