XR NL Families wants to connect families who realise what the climate and ecological crisis means for all that is dear to us on Earth, and we support Extinction Rebellion with family-friendly actions to steer government and society towards a sustainable and just way of life on this planet.

We are a group of families that support Extinction Rebellion Netherlands, and the first generation to raise our children in the midst of ecological and climate collapse. This truth is intense and painful. It takes courage to face it, but only by embracing this knowledge can we give our children the resilience that will enable them (and us) to cope with change and find a new way of life on planet Earth.

We are building XR Families NL as a network to support each other in these challenging times. We will organise family-oriented events on a local and national basis as we grow. We are preparing to participate together in a safe and creative way in Extinction Rebellion campaigns. And we will share information and advice on how we can best take care of our beans, young shoots, saplings and ourselves, so that we’re strong enough to take action in any way.

We are happy to have you with us!