XR Amsterdam Welkomstdag voor Nieuwe Rebellen

Introduction to XR Social Gathering Training or Lecture

15 April 2023

11:30 to 18:00

Rhôneweg 6, Amsterdam

Price: Free

Especially suited for new rebels
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Do you want to contribute to the fight for the climate, but do more/something other than joining actions? Do you want to organize or help behind the scenes? Do you want to discover your potential path in Extinction Rebellion?

At the Welcome Day for New Rebels you will learn about all the possibilities to help out, get connected to the global movement of Extinction Rebellion and discover your way of contributing to the movement.

This Welcome Day will be given in Dutch.

For the not-so-new rebels who would like to help: yes please! send an e-mail to xr.amsterdam@protonmail.com or contact the Mobilisation circle of Amsterdam.

P.s. do you already know for certain that you don't want to help behind the scenes, but just join actions? Join an action training or action Q&A instead of the Welcome Day. Check out the website for all activities in Amsterdam.


11:30 Deuren gaan open!

12:00 Introductie en elkaar leren kennen

14:00 Lunch

14:30 Jouw eigen pad ontdekken

16:00 Einde hoofdprogramma

Na 16:00 Rebellen ontmoeten en meedoen aan activiteiten


Volkskeuken de Sering regelt voor ons een veganistische lunch voor een donatie van tussen de €2,50 en €7,- p.p. en voor dezelfde prijs kan je ook ‘s avonds blijven eten.




De Sering, Rhôneweg 6, Amsterdam