Climate alarm preparation

Meeting Social Gathering Training or Lecture

4 September 2023

12:05 to 12:35

Jodenbuurt, Amsterdam

Price: Free

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Prepare for the climate alarm with us! You are welcome to help us prepare, even if you have little/no experience!

Do you want to learn to organise actions? The monthly climate alarm action is so easy to organise that even entirely new rebels can do it! Because of that, you can just show up and join the preparations.


What do you need to know?

The monthly climate alarm action is a low risk action. That means that we will not block anything, we stay on the sidewalk and entirely follow the law. That is because we specifically do not want to get arrested.

The action is in the same place every month: the city hall, at the Stopera. It is also always at the same time: at 12:00 the air raid alarm goes off, so that's when we lay down on the ground. We gather a bit earlier (11:45-11:50), to chat a bit and share the plan.

So during the preparations we don't need to discuss the location, that doesn't change. Unless at some point we will have such a big group that we need to split up into two or more locations.

We do talk about the theme, the programme and the routine tasks that have to be done every month. These are quite easy tasks, so you can also take them on you. Or you can say that you want to help so that you can learn how it works.

It is important that you understand the principles and values. We always try to respect these during actions and meetings of Extinction Rebellion. If you don't, people may say something about it. You can also say something if someone else doesn't respect them. Of course, we do this in a friendly way.



Spinoza Monument, Jodenbuurt, Amsterdam