Vegan Dinner & Wasteland

Social Gathering

7 November 2023

17:30 to 21:45

Nieuwe St. Jansstraat 35, Groningen

Price: Free

New rebels are welcome
Show and share: Wasteland - Groningen

🔔🎭 “Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths” - Joseph Campbell

A show exploring climate change, the degradation of nature, loss of biodiversity and extinction through the lens of ancient myths about the "Wasteland". What is our response to the ecological tragedy facing the planet? How should we respond? Do we have individual responsibilities? Where do we get our hopes for the future?

The four performers of "Theatre of Public Dreams" have backgrounds in mime, fools work, storytelling and improvisation. Using empty space as a starting place, they weave their own personal stories into the structure of Celtic and Arthurian myths about the wasteland. Each show is different. Each show is a unique improvised weaving of the personal with the mythical.

After the show, there is an opportunity for the audience to share their own stories around this theme.

🇳🇱? Please note that depending on the audience, the language of the show will be English or Dutch.

🎟️ Admission is free. Registration is required - it can be done via eventbrite. After the play, a voluntary cash contribution is welcome for expenses made by the actors.

🥗 Before the show, there will be an opportunity to join us for dinner (again on a voluntary donation basis) from 18:00. Would you like to join us for dinner? If so, please also indicate this when buying the ticket.

🚪Doors open at 17:30 for dinner, doors open at 19:00 for the show, the then start at 19:30.


St. Jan, Nieuwe St. Jansstraat 35, Groningen