PSC Utrecht: Our world after corona


The world after the COVID-19 pandemic. People have been awakened from the dream where they have power over nature. How would it be after the crisis? What lessons have we learned? And how are we going to act on it? This time of crisis and uncertainty is a time for reflection within our society. It is important to step back and observe whether there is anything we want to change, reshape, or maybe pick up again. Extinction Rebellion is using this time to solidify the goals and purposes which we are fighting for.

As a grassroots movement, Extinction Rebellion (XR) has been, is, and will be aiming for climate justice until governments start listening. The three main things we ask from them is to tell the truth, act now, and give voice to the people. However, like any other person or movement, Extinction Rebellion was affected heavily and had to adapt to the current situation as we are no longer able to take to the streets.

Structural change is now more important than ever. During these distressing times we will try to shift away from fear and, instead, inspire the world with much needed changes in order to find solutions to the environmental crisis. In the fight against climate change, do you think we are heading in the right direction? As a movement, we will show that a democratic, just, regenerative, and all-inclusive world is not only possible, but essential.

Reshaping and rethinking already existing debates surrounding the climate crisis, such as greenwashing by multinational corporations, is another important objective for various climate movements. Although XR has already been criticizing the consumerist nature of our society, the current crisis has provided us all with an opportunity to stop and think about our habits, the harm the consumerist lifestyle inflicts on climate and ecosystems, and alternative ways of living a happy and healthy life. Therefore, instead of bailout packages for the aviation industry, we should ask for investment in people and their bright future. Now is the time to make that change.

In these times of uncertainty, one thing is crystal clear: we should not return to business-as-usual, because it was already a disaster. Not only how we dealt with the climate crisis, but also how we took care of the people with essential professions. What should we do then? We must try to transform business-as-usual into a more humane and safe course of action, define a new normal that will help us fight the overarching crisis: the climate crisis. We as Extinction Rebellion have long had a clear vision of this, summarized in the three demands for the government. Could this global crisis mean that many more people will see that things really have to change?

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