Actietraining XR Leiden 6-8-2023 (ENG)

Actietraining Training of lezing

6 augustus 2023

13:30 tot 16:30

Oude Rijn 44b, Leiden, Netherlands

Prijs: Gratis

Nieuwe rebellen zijn welkom
πŸ”₯βœŠπŸ“’πŸ’š New action training sessions in Leiden! πŸ”₯βœŠπŸ“’πŸ’š

In the run-up to the permanent A12 occupation from 9 September, we are organising several more action training sessions in Leiden. Action training is essential if you participate in A12 actions. But this training is also suitable for participation in other actions. Even if you are not yet clear on whether and how you want to participate in actions (with a high or low risk of arrest), this training is the place to find out.

During the training you will learn all about:
* what it's like to join an XR action and how we organise it,
* what an Affinity Group is and its usefulness during an action,
* what the legal consequencuences of civil disobedience are,
* how we at XR view non-violence and where you draw the line,
* de-escalation techniques you can use.

πŸ“… Sunday 6 August
πŸ•œ 13:30-16:30 (take slight extension of duration into account)
πŸ“ Bakery, Oude Rijn 44B, Leiden
πŸ—£ English

Would you like to join? Sign up via this form: Would you like to participate? Sign up using this form:

( is free; however, we will set up a donation jar for those who can spare some to cover the cost of the venue.


Diaconaal Centrum De Bakkerij, Oude Rijn 44b, Leiden, Netherlands