#STOPRABO: Action training GP & XR in Eindhoven

Rabobank pretends to be sustainable, but has put billions into devastation for many years. Careless financing of mega farms, fertilizer, agricultural toxins and the soy-industry, have caused worldwide destruction of nature, animal suffering and human-rights violations. And, here in the Netherlands: way too much nitrogen and towering debts for farmers. This has to stop!

That is why Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace, again, combine forces on the 11th of October. We’re ready to take action. In mass, throughout te country, peaceful and civil disobedient. Together we demand the bank to stop destroying and start reimbursing the billions in damage they’ve caused.

To read more about this action, and for links, check out the appropriate pages of Greenpeace and/or Extinction Rebellion (sadly, both are only in Dutch).

We advice everybody to attend an action training before joining the mass-action. Did you already take part in a mass-action, or attended an earlier training, but you’d like a refresher? You’re very welcome!

Together we’ll make Rabobank quit their destruction and start reimbursing!

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We’ll see you there!


Do you have questions? Mail to Mirjam.Vossepoel@greenpeace.org



XR Eindhoven Rebelbase-Maakbasis
Hurksestraat 20 (Unit 50)
5652 AK Eindhoven

NB. If the gate is closed call +31 402405224.


September 23


13:00 - 17:00

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actie training


Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven

Email: Mirjam.Vossepoel@greenpeace.org Phone: 06 4659 3893

Rebelbase Eindhoven

Hurksestraat 20 (unit 50)

Eindhoven, Nederland, 5652 AK

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